Questions & Answers. (Mostly for my mother)

Q: When is my trip?!
A: May 16 – June 17.

Q: What does “spero” mean?
A: Spero is a direct translation for “I hope” in Italian. Hope has become an important aspect of my life, and one of my goals is to provide others with hope in desperate situations. Hope is what I hold on to in times of depression, in times of moral failures, and financial difficulties. “Spero Coffeehouse” is eventually what I would name my coffee shop. The word “sparrow” is also a reminder of God’s protection, provision, and care for us.

Q: Where am I staying?
A: I’ll be living in a tent, surrounded by other people living in tents! More specifically, my tent will be on the Haiti Communitere base (located one mile from the PAP airport). The compound also has dorms, a kitchen, a workshop, and a sustainability resource center.

Q: What exactly does Haiti Communitere do?
A: HC is a Haitian based organization that strives for Haitian and International groups to operate as a community. It is their vision to design a model that supports both internal and external empowerment by formulating program development around observed needs, instead of implementing pre-determined programs. Since the 2010 earthquake, the programs have been focused on orphanage support, medical supply redistribution, and community-based public health education.
I HIGHLY recommend that you visit their website to learn more! http://www.haiti.communitere.org

Q: What will I spend my time doing there?
A: Through HC, I’ll be working with Future For the Kids. They are a fantastic organization which supports different orphanages in Port-au-Prince. I honestly have NO IDEA what to expect. From what I gather, I’ll be preparing meals for the kiddos (Jesus, help them), participate in arts and crafts, learn to sew clothes, participate in physical activities, school lessons, and a bunch of other things. So pretty much I get to spend a bunch of time with orphans and love and laugh with them. Look up Future for the Kids on facebook! They post awesome pictures and keep the public up to date with what is going on!

Here’s a schedule! This is Monday-Friday. Weekends are free!
7:30am: Breakfast & end of quiet hours
8am: Mandatory base meeting. We talk about the day’s projects, announcements are made, meet new people and say goodbye to those leaving.
8:30am: Work day begins! (For me, it will most always mean leaving for the orphanages).
5pm: Dinner
6pm: Buddy up if you want to go off of the base! It is mandatory.
9pm: Quiet hours begin.
10pm: Curfew

Q: How much is this costing?
A: With the help of generous friends, family, and strangers I have and will be able to successfully: Buy a $650 round trip plane ticket, purchase medical evacuation insurance, pay for shots and other medication needed, have acquired a backpack to fit all of my stuff in, a tent, a mosquito net, sleeping pad, a first aid kid, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, water bottle, bug spray, pay $20/day to HC for meals, clean water, bucket showers, 24/7 electricity, wi-fi, and security, a $300 medical emergency fund (refundable if I don’t need medical treatment during my stay), AND GUESS WHAT?! I’ll be able to pay all of my bills while I’m gone and not get evicted from my apartment.
You guys, I don’t know how much money that is. But I know that God is faithful and that I’m blessed.

Please let me know if I can answer any more questions!


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