The “why” & my heart for this trip.

I fell in love with Haiti after the earthquake that hit January 12, 2010. I’m sure everyone remembers the images on the news and every organization possible raising money for Haitian relief. It was a devastating event that destroyed a nation which was already struggling.

At the time, I was an over-zealous 18 year old who jumped into the trend of donating money to Red Cross and attending benefit concerts. I still have a “Hope for Haiti” cd I bought from Starbucks around here somewhere. 6 months later, I was busy with high school graduation and preparation for college and, much like everyone else, I placed Haiti in the back of my mind. 

One year after the earthquake, I read an article which attempted to inform the public of the “progress” being made in Haiti. Despite all of the relief effort, the nation was still in ruins. When I read the article, I cried for almost an hour. I cried for the recently orphaned kids, the lack of clean water, government corruption, and the lack of housing. I cried because I had the ability to feel good about myself by attending fundraising events and prayer groups and then was joyfully able to move on with my own life. 

Since then, I’ve wanted so desperately to travel there and be in the midst of the struggle. I am so blessed to finally have the opportunity to spend a month there this summer. Please continue to read about what God is doing in my own heart in this blog. And more than anything, THANK YOU for your prayers and support. I can’t say it enough. 


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