Good morning from Port-au-Prince!

I was going to type up a long, detailed post about my first few days here before I realized that my brain cannot find words eloquent enough to do my heart justice. Maybe I will post at a later date; maybe some things cannot be described through written words. However, here is a short update on my favorite things / challenges I’ve faced.

LOVE: waking up in the morning to the sound of roosters and the glow of sunlight.
CHALLENGE: falling asleep in a tent that feels like a sauna. Mid day naps are not an option, and I try not to go into my tent until the sun goes down. I think this lack of place to retreat pushes me even more out of my comfort zone.
LOVE: the showers. The water is refreshing and there is something very freeing about showering outside.
CHALLENGE: not knowing Haitian Creole. The language barrier has been the most upsetting, frustrating challenge I’ve faced.
LOVE: the people. I will eventually end up posting all of their fantastic stories. But just know that they are wonderful.
CHALLENGE: being a young, white woman who does not know the country. The other girls and I cannot go out without a chaperone, which results in a lot of down time on the base.
LOVE: my first cup of black Haitian coffee this morning.
CHALLENGE: so many bug bites.
LOVE: I want to bring him home with me. His name is Mange, which means “to eat” in Creole.

LOVE: as I type this, a man behind me plays Haitian worship music from his computer. So beautiful.

We are about to head out to La Main Tendre (LMT) orphanage for our picnic and park day with the kids. I love you all- please keep me in your prayers!


20130518-092158.jpg20130518-092212.jpg20130518-092221.jpg 20130518-092234.jpg20130518-092243.jpg


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