An update, to say I’m sad (for you) that you aren’t here


I’ve been in Portland for 5 days now, and I am sad that I didn’t spend the first 21 years of my life here. 


  My cat doesn’t seem to hate me (all that much at least). She was shaking when we landed at the airport, and made a ruckus the first night we spent in a stranger’s condo. I think she’s mostly still hurting from being declawed. Let’s be honest: Nutella’s whole world has been flipped upside down over the last few weeks! 

Anyway, enough about my precious cat. I’m enjoying the city much more than she is. It was weird at first being able to hear everything that was happening outside at two in the morning, but you get used to it. In fact, it almost becomes kind of comforting. 

When I woke up on Thursday, I decided I was tired of stressing out about housing. I went to University Pointe, the on-campus apartments I had been looking at for a while, and signed a lease for a 2 bedroom x 2 bathroom shared. This means that I will share a bedroom and bathroom with one other person. To put it simply, I’m trading in my physical and social comfort for financial comfort. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. 

PROS: one block to school and one mile walk to work; my cat can come with me; it’s furnished, so I don’t have to worry about spending money trying to make it look cute; it’s made for students to share; & IT’S MORE THAN $100 UNDER BUDGET! There’s an Einstein’s Bagels downstairs, a business center, washers and dryers that will text me when my laundry is done, and the Cheerful Tortoise is right across the street. 

CONS: My cat and I might drive someone crazy and they’ll hate me. I don’t really see the opposite of this happening, considering I don’t get annoyed super easily and I can’t imagine being home much. But you all know how much I could potentially worry about what other people think! 


The first few days were spent doing a lot of “tourist-y” Portland stuff. I went to Powell’s Books, thrift stores, restaurants, bars, the Rose Garden, the 3-story Target in the middle of downtown, listening to random people play piano in Pioneer Square, and hiked Multnomah Falls. Everything is so wonderful here. I love being in walking distance to almost everything (did I mention a 3-story Target?!) and experiencing the fantastic weather while I’m at it. 

I was, however, ready to be back at work. I always miss Starbucks. It’s nice to have a few days off in a row every now and then, but mostly I just love my job a lot. 

So today was my first day at work. My transfer situation is a little bit confusing. Basically, I was (and am) transferring to 5th and Oak. But then some stuff happened, and I need to help out 4th and Oak. (Y’all, they’re really one block away from each other. I can stand at one, and see the other clearly). I was only told to show up at 4:30 AM this morning, and that I would learn everything and get my schedule for the week when I got there. 

I was prepared for “different”. And anyone who normally works with me would have been SO PROUD at how calm I actually was. There was no “panic attack” Charlotte present; I think that Portland has this affect on me in general. Everything was backwards, though. And I feel like I’ll actually like this better than the drive-thru store back home, as long as I can make it through this week. I’m thankful that my new co-workers are nice and patient. 

I will spare you all of the details of things that are backwards. I think the craziest thing though is the fact that closers get out of there at 7:45 PM. I mean, you could cl-open and not even care! 

Another question that was answered: I have 38 hours this week (thank Jesus) and my manager was delighted when I told her I wanted as close to 40 hours as possible! 

Anyway, friends. Thank you for caring enough to make it to the end of this. I love you all and really wish I could just help everyone move here. (Did I mention there is a party-bike?! It’s a bike and everyone bikes in tandem and drinks throughout downtown Portland!) 

lots of love and lots of hope. 


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