february: you are not your bad days

{I wrote the following as a note to myself on a hard day; it is a reminder for when I start to be my own worst critic. If you ever find that you are being unkind to you, I urge you to write one of your own. At the end of the day, please remember the truth that your heart is good.}


You are not just the bad days. You are not your mistakes, your blemishes, or your emotional “breakdowns”. You are not the leftover pieces abandoned by people you loved. You are not the papers you didn’t turn in, the emails you didn’t respond to, or the books you didn’t read. You are not the words you wish you could take back. You are not the days you lay in bed all day, the nights you drink too much, or all of the promises you made to yourself and didn’t keep. You are not who you are in the darkness.

Please, friend, remember who you are in the sunshine. You are the days you wake up easily. You are a smoothie drinking-yoga practicing-runner. You find joy in words that inspire you, in slowly sipping cups of coffee, in the embraces of friends when there are no words. You are an almost-college-graduate, an advocate for families, a seeker of peace and justice. You are the days you get to witness kids joyfully eat frosting staight out of the can, the days you notice a single bright pink flower lingering in winter, the days you go river swimming or mountain climbing with people you love. You are a listening ear for boy drama, pop music, and tall tales. You are all the times you let your friends crash on your couch or cry on your shoulder. You are the person that is missed when you are away. You are your good days, too. You are in the light, and, if we’ve learned anything: light always extinguishes the darkness.


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